Ioana Dorina Vlaicu – Scientific Researcher Rank III

Ioana Dorina Vlaicu received her PhD (2014) in Chemistry from University of
Bucharest – Faculty of Chemistry. She has ten years of experience in materials
synthesis and characterization, experience gained starting as Research Assistant
in 2011 at National Institute of Materials Physics, Magurele, Romania, where
she is currently Scientific Researcher Rank III from 2019. Her specialization is
materials chemistry and she has experience with different chemical synthesis
methods for obtaining a wide range of materials for different applications
(antimicrobials, optoelectronics, gas-sensors, energy harvesters, magnetism, photocatalysis, and
perovskite solar cells). Her portfolio contains 20 ISI papers of which 12 as principal author. All her
publications have cumulated 153 citations (118 without self-citations) and a cumulated impact factor of
~ 65. Her interdisciplinary research results brought contributions in bioinorganic, inorganic and physical
chemistry. Her scientific contributions illustrate her independent nature since she conceived and lead
most of the reported studies.

Recent publications:
1. D. Ghica, I.D. Vlaicu, M. Stefan, V.A. Maraloiu, A.C. Joita, C. Ghica. Tailoring the Dopant
Distribution in ZnO:Mn Nanocrystals. Sci. Rep. (2019) 9, 6894.
2. I.D. Vlaicu, R. Olar, C. Maxim, M.C. Chifiriuc, C. Bleotu, N. Stănică, G. Vasile Scăeţeanu, C. Dulea,
S. Avram, M. Badea. Evaluating the biological potential of some new cobalt (II) complexes with
acrylate and benzimidazole derivatives. Appl. Organomet. Chem. (2019) 33, e4976.
3. A.M. Rostas, A.C. Kuncser, D. Ghica, A. Palici, V.A. Maraloiu, I.D. Vlaicu*. Electron paramagnetic
resonance and microstructural insights into the thermal behavior of simonkolleite nanoplatelets. Phys.
Chem. Chem. Phys. (2020) 22, 9503-9512.
4. T. Popescu, C.O. Matei, I.D. Vlaicu*, I. Tivig, A.C. Kuncser, M. Stefan, D. Ghica, L.C. Miclea, T.
Savopol, D.C. Culita, M.G. Moisescu. Influence of surfactant-tailored Mn-doped ZnO nanoparticles on
ROS production and DNA damage induced in murine fibroblast cells. Sci. Rep. (2020) 10, 18062.


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