Project activities





The project activities are divided in 6 interlinked work packages (WP):

WP1 Preparation of standard PSCs (leader PP-NIMP, participate P1-UiO): includes all the necessary activities to prepare and optimize the component layers of the standard structure and to produce the PSCs by printing techniques.

WP2 Preparation of inverted PSCs (leader P1-UiO, participate PP-NIMP): includes similar activities as for WP1 but addressing the inverted structure for PSCs.

WP3 Modelling of materials and interfaces (leader P2-RU, participate PP-NIMP and P3- IFIN-HH): includes the activities related to theoretical modelling of component materials and interfaces in both standard and inverted structures, with the aim to understand the degradation processes and charge transport through the devices.

WP4 Device characterization and modelling (leader P3-IFIN-HH, participate PP-NIMP and P2-RU): includes characterization of standard and inverted PSCs, especially J-V characteristics in various working conditions, and theoretical modelling to simulate the device characteristics.

WP5 Device encapsulation, modules production and testing in standard operation conditions (leader P4-Wattrom, participate PP); it includes technological activities related to device encapsulation (PSCs and photovoltaic modules) as well as standard tests of the photovoltaic performance.

WP6 Management, reporting, dissemination and patenting (leader PP-NIMP, participate all partners)


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